The Board role is as described in the HWLLEN Governance Manual document.

Consistent with the HWLLEN Values and Principles underpinning the allocation of the Strategic Priority Funding, the governance role of the Board will include:

  • Policy development

  • Priority setting

  • Endorsement of Selection Criteria

  • Endorsement of the outcomes of the process

  • Consideration of recommendations for improvement



Kevin Pope                Education Consultant

Acting Secretary

Sarah Rowe               City of Whittlesea


Himalee Karunasena   Stafford Group

Board Members

Emina Sivic                Brotherhood of St Laurence

Adam Todorovski        Melbourne Polytechnic

Maria Dimistriou         Hume City Council

Wendy Caspar            Youth Projects

Wendy Schwedes        Kangan Institute

Finance & Audit Standing Committee

The Finance and Audit committee is a formal committee of the Committee of Management, and is responsible to the Committee of Management. Its primary function is to assist the Committee of Management in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities with respect to:

  1. Reviewing and providing analysis of the financial reports including but not limited to the Statement of Financial Performance (Profit and Loss), Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet), rolling cash flow statement, and investment reports.

  2. The appointment and remuneration of external auditors.

  3. Reviewing the audit of the organisation’s books and records, and any subsequent management matters that arise from the auditors management letter.

  4. Reviewing the system of internal controls that the organisation has established. The committee should have a clear understanding with the outside auditors that they must maintain an open and transparent relationship with the committee, and that the ultimate accountability of the outside auditors is to the Board of Management and committee.

  5. Recommending the appointment of insurance brokers

  6. Reviewing the adequacy of insurance arrangements

  7. Receive and access any complaints regarding auditing or accounting matters, including complaints from those who wish to remain anonymous.

  8. The Finance and Audit committee will make progress reports to the Committee of Management following each meeting held

  9. The Finance and Audit committee will meet at least 3 times per annum.