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2022-What's on

Whittlesea Youth Mentoring Program

The Whittlesea Youth Mentoring Program helps kick-start your career through professional guidance, support and skill development. This unique approach to mentoring is tailored to your needs and interests, opening up a world of possibilities and helping you thrive in the world of work.


  • 16-24 years old

  • Connected to Whittlesea

    • Live

    • Work

    • Go to school

    • Recreate

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Whittlesea Invigor8ing Education program

This program offers students a choice of engaging in either a Trades or Community/Leisure experience with industry specialists and are guided by qualified youth workers in a supportive environment:

  • Community/Leisure

Students have access to a variety of workplace environments within Epping Leisure City. Students gain experience in Hospitality (café and reception desk), Sport and Recreation (swimming pool, gymnastics and sports centre) and Childcare (creche). (10 students per semester)

  • Trades

Students gain experience in a range of trade skills as they engage with qualified trainers at Melbourne Polytechnic Epping Campus. Trades can include Carpentry and/or Painting & Decorating. Trade tasters in a variety of courses are available across the Melbourne Polytechnic campuses. (10 students per semester)


Semester 1 of each year engages students from the schools in the southern region of the Whittlesea LGA (20 students) and semester 2 engages students from schools in the northern region of the LGA. (20 students)


The core aim for both streams revolves around supporting the students to return to school to reengage with education. Invigor8ing Education sets up all participants for success by giving them a clearer view of where school could eventually lead them.

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