What is the Whittlesea Youth Commitment (WYC)?

The WYC is a long-term community-based initiative that is committed to ensuring that every young person in the City of Whittlesea has access and support to complete either year 12 or its equivalent in accredited training, and is linked in to employment.


WYC is facilitated by a long standing partnership between the City of Whittlesea and the HWLLEN, and is the major Youth Network for the City of Whittlesea and representative agency for the Youth Cluster as part of the Whittlesea Community Futures Partnership. As the local planning group in Whittlesea for the Hume Whittlesea Local Learning & Employment Network (HWLLEN), the WYC aims to broker sustainable relationships supporting young people to achieve better outcomes in education, training and employment.


The aims of the WYC are to:

  • provide an integrated response by, and collaborative platform for, organisations, businesses, education providers, community groups, and government departments to ensure a seamless provision of support for young people in the City of Whittlesea.

  • advocate for services and facilities that provide improved support for young people in the City of Whittlesea


WYC Spirit of Co-operation Agreement

The WYC is formalised by a Spirit of Cooperation Agreement re-signed every 3 years by stakeholders who support The Commitment – which is:

‘To enable children in their middle years and young people to become empowered citizens capable of participating in safe, equitable and sustainable education, community and work opportunities’.

The WYC will deliver on this Commitment by bringing together representatives from education, training, employment agencies, service providers and local businesses to enhance the opportunities for youth in the City of Whittlesea.

WYC Spirit of Co-Operation Handbook 2020-2022


The purpose of this Spirit of Co-operation Agreement is to formalise arrangements between the schools, agencies, organisations and businesses supporting the WYC.  Specifically, to:

  • Confirm the principles of the WYC.

  • Establish comprehensive communications strategies to involve partners of the WYC in achieving its goals and link the community through communication, by sharing knowledge, expertise and resources in a spirit of co-operation.

  • Commit to collectively using best endeavours to undertake the proposed work of the WYC and support and encourage partnerships between schools, industry, education providers and community to bring about a strategic and whole-of-community approach to benefit young people.

  • Commit to identifying organisational accountability within each WYC organisation for the achievement of WYC principles.

The Agreement

As a signatory to this Spirit of Co-operation Agreement, you commit to doing what you can as an organisation, within your own work plans, to deliver on the Commitment.  This can be demonstrated by your organisation’s involvement in the activities of the WYC.

Underlying Principles

Partners of the WYC will work cooperatively and make a commitment to support

young people to:

  • Make a successful transition from primary school to secondary school and engage in learning.

  • Provide all young people with the opportunity and support to complete Year 12 or its equivalent.

  • Be flexible about the nature of this equivalence, which is defined by the needs and aspirations of young people themselves.

  • Ensure the provision of a safety net, to support young people who are not completing year 12.

  • Develop new learning, training, employment and further education options for young people to achieve these goals.

  • Explore new work placement, work opportunities, skill development and community support structures for young people to achieve these goals.

  • Continue to measure the progress made towards meeting the needs of all young people in the region.

  • Develop and customise the curriculum provision of schools, TAFE and other training providers to better support the aspirations of young people.

  • Develop innovative and collaborative arrangements between key providers of employment, education, training and personal support services.

  • Implement strategies that promote a seamless inter-agency collaboration on the progress of young people in their transition.

  • Support the families of young people to engage in their children’s learning

  • Work collaboratively to raise awareness of the diverse needs and issues of young people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander origins, and who have disabilities, in order to support their engagement in education, training and employment.

  • Work collaboratively to support young people address health, welfare and social issues that are a barrier to engagement in education and training.


Becoming a partner of the WYC is free and is open to all who are willing to work together as a community to enhance the well-being, learning, training and work opportunities of its young people.

All those who sign up to the Spirit of Co-operation Agreement become partners of the WYC which entitles you to:

  • Information and resource sharing

  • Membership of the WYC Community Team

  • Partnership development opportunities with other members

  • Opportunities to promote your activities through the WYC network

  • Input into the decision-making processes of the WYC

Community Team Meetings

The WYC Community Team draws together local practitioners involved in addressing young people’s wellbeing, education, training and employment needs to facilitate opportunities for working together.

Whittlesea Youth Commitment (WYC) Community Team 

Meeting Dates 2022
Venue: TBA

2nd March

25th May
20th July
9th November

Strategic Advisory Group Meetings

The WYC Strategic Advisory Group provides strategic oversight for the goals and associated activities of the WYC Action Plan which is revised every 3 years.

Program Logic Model WYC Action Plan

Dates for 2022
Venue:  TBA

10th February
19th May
11th August
17th November

For information regarding these meetings, including registration, agendas and minutes, please contact Helen Mecozzi: helen.m@hwllen.com.au

To become a WYC signatory, please download the form here


For more information, please contact Kim or Helen at our Epping office

Phone: (03) 9408 5499  or   Email:

Kim Stadtmiller kim.s@hwllen.com.au

Helen Mecozzi helen.m@hwllen.com.au