What is SWL?

The Structured Workplace Learning (SWL) program is a Victorian Government initiative which aims to address skill shortages, identify short-term and long-term training opportunities for young people and feed information back to education providers about skills employers will need from employees in the future.

The SWL Program is delivered by the 31 Local Learning and Employment Networks (LLENs) across the state and funded by the Victorian Department of Education and Training (DET). The Hume Whittlesea LLEN works with local employers, government, catholic and independent secondary schools to:

  • Work collaboratively with employers to source placements for students studying VET or VCAL that could potentially lead to an apprenticeship or full -time employment

  • Train teachers and prepare students on industry demands and employer expectations

  • Make teachers and students aware of those elements that add value to employers and their business

  • Update and maintain the SWL Statewide Portal by ensuring all advertised placements are current and taken up by students

  • Identify local industry needs and priorities.

How SWL works

Structured Workplace Learning is on-the-job training during which a student studying VET or VCAL is expected to master a set of skills or

competencies, such as job readiness skills including time management, being reliable, communicating effectively, willingness to learn, problem-solving as well as work related technical skills.


Students search and apply for placements through the SWL Statewide Portal. This is an online resource on which all LLENs across the State advertise quality placement opportunities sourced with local employers. It enables employers to define the tasks and duties students could experience in the workplace, along with the skills students may develop. The portal can

be accessed through the following link www.workplacements.education.vic.gov.au

Benefits for teachers and students

Training and workshops provided by the SWL coordinators:

  • Improve knowledge and understanding of changing work environments

  • Enable VET and VCAL staff to increase their confidence in the use of the SWL portal and in sourcing quality SWL placements for their students

  • Improve the capacity of students to successfully approach employers and apply for placements.


Benefits to employers

Being involved in Structured Workplace Learning enables businesses to:

  • Attract young people to their industry

  • Help young people to become job ready and develop a realistic understanding of the expecta- tions of employers

  • Potentially recruit new pre-skilled employees at a potentially lower cost to the business

  • Develop staff capability through coaching and mentoring young people

  • Raise the profile of businesses in the community and add value to their business.

Benefits of SWL placements

  • Build resilience and self confidence in students, especially in the workplace

  • Increase opportunities for networking with employers while on placement

  • Facilitate a useful pathway to future employment and economic well-being.

For more information please contact:

Structured Workplace Learning  


Christine Panagiotou                                              Dr Kostas Tsingas

Structured Workplace Learning Coordinator              Structured Workplace Learning Officer

E: christine.p@hwllen.com.au                                 E: con.t@hwllen.com.au

M: 0401 354 506                                                   

PH:  (03) 9309 5500                                              PH:  (03) 9309 5500


Bunnings Mernda - Elley Mathyssen - Administration Manager

“If an employer is hesitating, they should go ahead and offer a placement. It is always a positive experience and SWL placements are a great program for both students and the employer.”

The above sentiment was also expressed by

Joe Villani - Training Coordinator - Bayford Epping

Joe is also encouraging other employers to consider joining the SWL program for their own benefit, those of young people and the community.

Jye Baker – Year 12

Electrotechnology student at Epping Secondary

Jye said that he strongly endorses the SWL placements because it gave him the opportunity to learn about the different parts of the trade and helped him understand the world of work, as well as clarified what he wanted to do as a career. The placement taught him that he must get up early in the morning to get ready for work, how to meet customers, the importance of upholding the reputation of the company, watching and learning from other tradies, how long it takes to do a job and how to work under pressure. Jye stressed that “knowing what you want to do and how to achieve it is a big advantage because it would help you with your future.”

Kathryne Jeffs –

Parent of an Electrotechnology student at Epping Secondary

“Placements are wonderful because they give students hands-on experience and the ‘first foot in the door” before they complete Year 12. Trying to find work with no prior experience and lack of school support after finishing Year 12, is likely to add more stress to young people.”