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Imagineering PLUS

Imagineering Plus, with the HWLLEN, is a program funded by the Victorian State Government Empowering Communities Initiative as part of the Building Safer Communities Program. The program hopes to inspire Primary students in grade 5 & 6 to dream big and think about their career pathways and the future of work. The Program incorporates 6 Modules that can be tailored to the needs of the student, teachers & schools. Modules have been integrated into the school curriculum and timelines can be discussed on an individual basis.

The 6 modules include:

  • Self-Reflection;

  • Career Networking;

  • Guest Speakers;

  • Excursions;

  • Presentations to celebrate their learning and experiences gained from previous modules; and finally

  • Wellbeing and/or Transition.

The purpose of the program is to broaden the career aspirations of students and their families, encourage young people to stay engaged at school, expose family members to education opportunities never experienced before and provide direct links and wellbeing support to those at risk of disengaging.

The program will support students and their families to be more engaged with education, re-ignite their passion for learning, expose them to future possibilities and pathways they may have never considered and assist in the transition to secondary school for those who have begun to lose a sense of why they are attending school.


HWLLEN are excited at the opportunity to run such a wonderful program for young people.

Contact:  Sofie Cross - Project Coordinator -  for more information.

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Evaluation -
Imagineering PLUS
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