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Tangible Connections

Tangible Connections Meetings - 2023

Tuesday 21st March


Thursday 22nd June


Tuesday 5th September


Tuesday 5th December


The Tangible Connections network is facilitated by the Youth Engagement & Pathway Unit, Hume City Council and aims to provide the youth sector in Hume with the opportunity to enhance professional development and practice; share information about services, programs and events; identify opportunities for partnership; and network.

The first network meeting for the year is on Tuesday 21 March: 10am to 12pm and the theme will be “Youth Participation”


Hume City Council  are keen to showcase projects/activities for young people in Hume that are framed by a youth participation approach (i.e. Involving young people in activities, organisations, government and community structures, and actively engaging them on issues that directly affect them, and involving young people in the planning, and/or decision-making processes) – please let them know if you would like to present your program/activity at the network meeting.

Links to Hume City Council:

Meeting Notes - 25.3.2021
Theme: Supporting young people to feel secure, cared for and safe


One in 10 Victorian young people are young carers. This presentation aims to raise awareness of young carers needs and how to access support services through the new Carers Gateway.


Connected & Committed 2020 

A guide to Children, Youth & Family Services Networks in Hume City

2020 Meeting Videos
Click on link below to watch recording ....

HYC Youth Forum - 6th May 2020


December 2019 - Combined Networks - End of Year 2019 Celebrations

June 2019 - Tangible Connections Presentations & Contacts

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